A well-known element of the Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

The harder catch of the Master of Stones family. It needs to be held constantly while performing the exercises, thus developing the clamping force in an extraordinary way.

The catch is made directly with a qualified screw made for this purpose, with a finely grained, “skin-friendly” surface.

The Master of Stones family consists of three tricks of different difficulty, which can be grouped together to form a complex hanging training.


Weight: 540 g

Height: 19.5 cm

Diameter: 5 cm



  • body strength,
  • strength endurance,
  • the clamping force,
  • the muscles of the upper body as well as the torso.


We recommend:

  • for your own weight training- Calisthenic, street workout
  • In addition to TRX workouts
  • for home workouts


Master of Stones 3